We are strategists.
At ad publica, we advise our customers on every aspect of strategy, positioning as well as brand and corporate communication. We excel at raising awareness through brand PR and corporate communications. Our speciality is a performance-based mixture of PR, online relations, social media and influencer marketing to generate interest for our clients’ brands among the right target groups. How do we do that? Simple! We are bold. We firmly believe that good ideas lead to success. We are professional. Our ideas are supported by detailed consumer insights based on market, trend and cultural research. We think strategically. Our targeting insights always provide the basis for effective PR activities.

We are storytellers.
Telling stories has its roots deep in our childhood. Parents, grandparents or siblings tell us stories as we are getting ready to sleep. We recount our own daily adventures to others. Storytelling makes everything come alive. This is a tradition fed on creativity and with the power to enthral listeners. Should we simply let it go untapped? Never! Here at ad publica, we are passionate tellers of stories. Or storytellers, as we like to say in the agency world.
But a clever idea for a new story is not nearly enough. A truly compelling storyteller needs a number of soft skills. We have perfected these skills over the years. They include the power to judge whether a story is really worth telling. A great deal of curiosity and fun to really captivate a listener. And above all a finely-honed sense for authenticity so that the story can inspire and move people. These are the skills on which we base our success at ad publica. We believe that storytelling is one of the key qualifications for our work. Facts inform us, but they are dry. Stories have far greater power to (creatively) compel and convince.

We are ad publica.
Our owner-managed PR agency was founded in Hamburg in 2001. We not only love PR, we live it. Our daily work can attest to that. What makes the work at ad publica so special? For one, there are our clients and projects – always exiting and challenging us to come up with new and creative strategies and stories to tell. But our daily work would not be the same without the marvellous spirit, strong mutual support and cooperation we enjoy as a team.

Back in the early days, we began by offering classic PR, which is still part of our core business offering. But we also began to branch out into digital strategies early on. As an agency, we always remain up-to-date with current trends. Online and social media relations have now become just as much part of our work as influencer marketing and corporate PR. And we believe that these areas will be key in our future work!

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