How ad publica uses PR to build corporate success  

The most compelling argument for ad publica PR: Success. Our public relations tools are always systematically aligned with the corporate strategy and needs of the interest group or target group (aka the stakeholders). All without ever compromising on creativity.

We turn complex issues into exiting, target-group-oriented and accessible stories, online as well as offline. We function as a long-term, strategic partner for our clients.

Based on relevant insights, we develop strategies, campaigns, platforms and content to generate brand visibility and consumer interactions. Our methodology has proven successful in every market. Success is achieved in three steps:


Public Relations Planning: Communications Targeting

Qualitative market research, trend research and cultural research is used to compile relevant consumer insights. Insights gained are linked to the target groups’ media usage to identify the optimal channels to achieve various objectives, such as reach, interactions or shopping baskets. We use this matrix to define topics and messages to stage the company and brand in the media. This ensures an optimal integration of brand messages in media, channels and touchpoints relevant to the target groups or stakeholders.


Creating Public Relations: Campaign Creativity Cockpit

The second step is about finding the optimal leverage for insights gained in the planning stage and to reach both media and consumers through truly relevant, far-reaching measures. Our Cockpit inspires creation and optimizes the market-relevant ‘brand fit’ of all activities. In addition to classic PR tools, we also employ storytelling, social impact and big data, ensuring continuous ‘background noise’ in the media as well as award-winning campaigns.


Controlling Success: Communications Controlling

Controlling – in the sense of guiding or managing – increases effectiveness and efficiency of communication and enhances the integration of all instruments and channels employed. We develop individual communications KPIs in accordance with the DPRG/ICV framework. Value added through communication is systematically recorded and updated via our proprietary Communications Score Card. This provides evidence of the value added by PR.

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