Community Management

If customers are dissatisfied with a product or service, they can now use social media channels to voice their anger. At best, this means they receive a satisfactory response swiftly. Community managers do their very best to ensure the dreaded ‘shitstorm’ does not break. Companies often prefer to outsource this task to an agency specializing in community management. This provider will be well versed in ensuring successful touchpoint interactions between companies and their customers.


The functions of community management

Customers have questions on products and how to use them, on events, prices and availability – traditional topics in customer support. Should things get too quiet, the community management agency prepares interesting posts to stimulate interactions, comments and discussions and to build the community. A community needs to remain active in order to grow and create reach for topics placed by the company.


Consequently, professional community management is the foundation of a successful social media strategy. Long-standing, deeply ingrained internal company structures can hamper the evolution of a comparatively new sphere. Classic public relations is not suitable for covering community management. It is too different from the living, breathing dialogue taking place on social media platforms. Social media channels require ongoing maintenance. A solution lies in engaging a community manager, or alternatively in outsourcing the community management.


We continuously build your community on the basis of customer-centric, authentic communication, enhancing customer satisfaction and consequently customer loyalty and retention. We turn brand critics into committed brand ambassadors. To do so, we measure your proactive and reactive communication, develop target group specific and channel specific content and place this content in the relevant networks at the right point in time.


Editorial plans that are individual and agile

Another important factor in community management is the fan base activation. Essential for this is a proper editorial plan that includes value-adding content and is in line with requirements. The focus is on joined creation with the users, enabling and driving a positive brand experience. For optimal reach, the editorial plan must be agile and subject to continuous optimization. That is the only way to achieve the greatest possible extent of organic reach.


Our services as a community management agency

  • Social media conception, content development
  • Outsourcing of community management (in part or in whole)
  • Community building
  • Compiling speech conventions and FAQs
  • Editorial planning
  • Crisis communication
  • Social media monitoring

Your contact person

Sonia Garcia


+49 40 31766300

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