Guerilla PR

Guerilla PR refers to extraordinary, creative campaigns that promise vast effects while using few resources. We identify the right content and the right channels.


Courage to pursue the unusual

Keyword: attention! Attention is the ultimate objective when creating unusual, extraordinary guerilla PR campaigns to address target groups. Nowadays, the average consumer is flooded with countless promotional messages. Making a brand stand out in this stream of information and embedding it in the target group’s memory requires extraordinary ideas and the courage to implement them. Whether in traditional media or in the social net – if you fail to stand out, you are sunk. But what determines the success of guerilla PR? Sustainable guerilla PR that generates plenty of attention and really captures the public imagination means being bold – thinking outside the box. It can be helpful to leave familiar methods aside and use more than one channel or one medium. To be audacious, to brainstorm on a larger scale. Guerilla PR is not for the timid. Dare to take risks and foster even the wildest of ideas. They may provide the spark to ignite your next PR campaign. Guerilla PR campaign, that is.


Guerilla PR: Provocation at any price?

The likelihood of achieving a sustainable, memorable effect increases if guerilla campaigns are linked to traditional media and create an interaction between online and offline content. Above all, guerilla campaigns should be entertaining, exciting und unusual – so much so that consumers feel compelled to talk about them, in person or on social media. However, even with guerilla PR, it is important that an event corresponds to corporate values and corporate profiles. Otherwise, conflicts are swift to follow and sure to be noticed by the target group. Breaking taboos is fine – as long as you do not take things too far. Well designed campaigns can easily create incredible reach via social media. Just as easily, they can lead to derision or even genuine shitstorms if a breach of taboo is badly received after all.


Think laterally, plan meticulously

A checklist for really compelling guerilla campaigns? A recipe for success? Campaigns that are guaranteed to be effective? If only! Sadly, there is no such thing. The best strategy is to no avail if there is no gripping, exiting idea supporting it. Nevertheless, there are several factors that have proven reliable when developing effective PR campaigns to capture public attention. A campaign that is unique, unexpected and above all surprising stands a good chance of attracting media attention. These are characteristics known to create public interest in events. What does it take to develop a strategy with these characteristics? Lateral thinkers. People who think outside the box, who are enthusiastic about creative ideas. Intensive and meticulous preparation as well as a long-term plan. Using these ingredients, you might soon be setting tongues wagging with an outrageously original PR campaign!

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