Influencer Marketing

Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Facebookers or Snapchatters – we know or find the right influencers for your influencer marketing campaign, cooperate to develop strategies and boost your digital presence. Social networks are highly complex and subject to time dynamics that are largely still uncharted. As a result, they change the way consumers interact with companies and customers communicate with brands. We help you to effectively communicate your brand message via digital influencers.


Building awareness

Companies and brands want to and indeed need to boost awareness to position themselves in their customers’ relevant set. Social media offers effective ways of communicating with customers and potential customers. In addition to a company’s proprietary channels, influencer channels offer valuable additional reach. Influencer marketing takes advantage of this effect. Influencers may include, among many others, celebrities, publicists (bloggers etc.), brand fans or simply friends.


Influencer marketing: Boost engagement

Influencers enjoy a special status among fans and followers in regards to the interests they share. Often, a great deal of trust is put into them. They are frequently seen as trendsetters, role models, a friend to talk to, and many things more. Social media allows for direct contact with influencers. From the corporate perspective, influencers are valuable cooperation partners. They can help to successfully approach a target group and create motivation to engage with the company’s messages.


Building relationships

The relationship established between your target group and your brand respectively your company is as vital as the air you breathe. You always address your potential customers, using various channels to communicate with them. Traditionally, this took place via TV, print and radio. Nowadays, it happens increasingly via the internet. A smart combination of various sales channels, such as print, TV and social media, can be extremely successful. It boosts awareness of your company and brand as well as your sales figures. Additionally, it strengthens your relationship to your customers, building the trust that customers feel in your company and brand.


Our services

We develop and support influencer marketing from A to Z – from strategy all the way to a successful campaign or media booking. We position measures based strictly on the brand to be promoted and identify the right influencers. Optimized influencer marketing will help you target exactly those consumers that are interested in your brand.

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