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Influence the influencers: Product PR as part of an overall marketing strategy


Product PR describes all PR measures relating to the launch and on-going marketing of a product. Product PR is usually an integral part of brand PR respectively brand communication. It addresses prospective buyers and promoters.


The main objective of Product PR is to influence buying decisions of potential consumers. Influence on consumers can be exerted either indirectly or directly. Indirect influence takes place via multipliers respectively market experts who are members of the public. Often, they are journalists acting as ‘gatekeepers’. If such opinion formers notice and approve of a company’s products and services, the company’s offering gains in topicality and significance. Buying recommendations that are perceived as trustworthy and reliable can have a lasting positive influence on buying decisions.


Product PR – the emotional component

The purpose of identifying suitable topics respectively developing a themed approach for a product PR campaign is to ‘emotionalise’ factual product information. The product message becomes more relevant and accessible. The following case study demonstrates the use of product PR to market a product:


Product PR example: sales support Support of sales and distribution

To support sales, information should ideally appear in widely distributed public media. Additionally, these publications should take place frequently at short intervals, to increase sales in a highly competitive environment, bearing in mind that competitors will also employ product PR.


Product PR objectives:

  • Convey a positive image of an innovative company
  • Generate PR value (AVE)
  • Identify addresses for mailings
  • Generate website traffic


Product PR implementation:

For a four-week-period, the company offered 50 high-quality laptops at €1 each. Prospective buyers were invited to register on the website for a chance to purchase a notebook including ‘LaptopCard’ for mobile internet access at a special rate under this promotion. Participants had to enter personal data and some additional details. The company was able to obtain specific information (e.g. laptop ownership, interest in LaptopCard offer) to subsequently target participants with systematic marketing campaigns. If more than 50 participants registered, the final buyers were determined by prize draw.


Product PR approach:

Produce radio releases ready for broadcasting in a short (ca. 2:07 min.) and a long (ca. 3:08 min.) version read by a professional radio presenter. Prepare and send press release to internal product PR distribution list (ca. 1,200 editorial offices) and ots (ca. 320 editorial offices).TV stations were contacted in advance with information about the campaign and offers of exclusive coverage. Main motto and theme: ‘Stingy is swell!’


Product PR results:

  • Total number of contacts obtained: 411,354,831
  • Publications, e.g. via Bild/Bild Sunday edition newspapers, dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur and WAZ Media Group
  • The 16 TV broadcasts alone were viewed by more than 6 million people
  • Total media value (AVE): €132,222.85
  • Website access: 57,563 unique users and 387,894,000 page impressions
  • Addresses identified: 25.819 addresses, service capacity: 83%
  • Cost savings for address generation: €15,491.40
  • Snowball effect: Many new contacts to media who had not previously covered this client


Product PR is one of the essential components of sales-oriented public relations. Product PR informs your potential customers what special features set your products apart.

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