Brand PR

Brand communication is strategically planned communication aimed at influencing opinions, creating trust and credibility, forming a positive image, strengthening the reputation and promoting the sale of products and services.

A brand must develop a personality of its own

A powerful brand – due in no small part to targeted public relations – is ever-present, promises quality and embodies its own values. But above all, it is memorable. You need your own, distinctive personality to convey your message – ideally right from the very start. Brand PR is used to ensure that brands are successful in the opinion market. Build recognition and image, create trust and credibility, become unmistakably distinctive? That is exactly what happens if the right PR measures are used to bring a brand to life.


Nowadays, brand PR puts a strong focus on social media channels as well as the web in general. This is where brands are increasingly active. Companies connecting to their target groups via social media receive valuable information on how followers think, to what degree and in what way they value the brand. At the same time, social media allows for a close, personal approach that can serve to strengthen brand loyalty.


Telling stories and histories

A solid PR strategy is based on conception and topic management. What are the main topics to convey? In what context and in what surroundings should the brand appear? Defining the answers to these questions at the outset offers a perfect foundation for a brand message that makes for great storytelling. The conception phase is used to formulate the initial steps and the mutual objective. And then, it is time to get attention! Countless brands have implemented extraordinary campaigns, demonstrating effective and original ways of capturing the attention of their target groups. Establishing positive emotions or experiences for consumers to associate with a brand creates affinity. We live in a fast-paced world, and integrating consumers directly into the brand communication is important for companies. How to achieve that? The best way is through stories that inspire emotions. Emotive stories help you address the needs of your target group at both the conscious and the unconscious level. They create a memorable ‘life story’ for your brand.


Decisive factors for successful positioning

There are a several factors that determine a successful and sustainable positioning of a brand in the public perception. They include, among others, relevance for the target group, differentiation from competitors and of course a good match between brand and company image. Long-term, continuous brand communication – i.e. brand PR – is another factor for success. Media relations and public relations serve to emphasize the brand’s relevance for the target group as well as its unique selling proposition. That is why we recommend the continued use of classic offline communication methods in addition to modern online communication via social networks or blogs.


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