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As a PR agency, we help you achieve a strong web presence – through editorial publications including backlinks to your website.

Online PR for more digital visibility

Online PR aims to achieve publications in digital media. However, this means that neither conventional print nor electronic media are excluded. Depending on the strategy and communication goals, earned media is the goal of public relations on all channels – from social media to the daily newspaper.
Online PR still is a very important public relations tool and has the advantage of quickly disseminating content on the internet. Press releases sent by email reach editorial offices in a matter of seconds and often end up on the online portals of the target media a short time later. Some of these are digital editions of existing print or electronic media. And of course, there are widespread independent media that only exist online.

Online PR supplements and reinforces traditional press work within the marketing mix on the Internet – and it starts with your website. Customers will only find regularly updated and SEO-optimised websites. This requires a lot of good content such as press releases, a corporate blog, or news updates, for example. Important: Online PR is a fast-moving business and takes a lot of time. To meet these requirements quite a few companies decide to work with a PR agency.

Spectrum of online PR tasks

As a PR agency, we help you to increase your online presence – for example by publishing editorial articles including backlinks to your website. All publications ultimately have an impact on your Google ranking – for better or for worse. This is because the Google algorithm records all content and analyses it for online reputation. All that makes online PR a key tool for improving your Google ranking. And that’s why it’s a good idea to follow the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) in online PR. We use up-to-date management tools for our clients to achieve SEO excellency. The supreme discipline of good online PR is to achieve backlinks to our clients’ websites. A backlink is ultimately an indication that the content was so good that the customer benefits twice: from the publication and the link. For us, online public relations and SEO are therefore closely related.

Moreover, online PR benefits greatly from the fact that Google rates good content more favorably. For a long time, search engine optimization by SEO specialists was more technologically oriented, but now content is king. This is entirely in the interests of the user, who wants good content. And in the interests of the agency, which can work successfully with good content.

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